A Look at How Budweiser’s Online Store Successfully Recovered Abandoned Carts

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cart abandonmentThere are many ways to reduce cart abandonment, and the best option is to always start by reviewing your checkout process and consulting an abandonment expert for ways to improve its stickiness. SureSource, a leading provider of direct-to-ecommerce solutions is an expert in creating highly successful online stores. They are partnered with premium brands like Coca-Cola, Crayloa, Conair, Hershey’s, and FujiFilm to provide complete ecommerce storefronts, so needless to say they were well informed on the topic of website and cart abandonment.

SureSource was maintaining an impressively low cart abandonment rate across the majority of its ecommerce sites, however Budweiser’s official online store was experiencing less than optimal performance. SureSource came to UpSellit looking for a cart abandonment solution that would not only provide a lift in site conversions, but would also enhance the customer experience and maintain the valuable brand equity of Budweiser. After an extensive review and analysis of BudShop.com, UpSellit’s team of abandonment experts met with SureSource’s marketing team.

After proposing several cart abandonment engagement strategies, it was decided that the best way for Budweiser to recover an abandoning customer was to provide real-time sales support alongside a small incentive at the moment of abandonment. A key factor for determining the campaign’s success was to ensure a positive return on investment. UpSellit worked with SureSource’s narrow margins to agree upon a mutually beneficial cost per acquisition. Because UpSellit is a full-service solution provider and does not charge any fees beyond the CPA, the only risk for a pilot period was the 10-minutes of labor required to implement the code on Budweiser’s storefront.

UpSellit began building a custom Abandonment Chat solution that would use its industry-leading automated chat engine to answer customer questions, and its sophisticated abandonment detection technology to engage visitors at the exact moment of abandonment. With a sophisticated natural language parsing engine, UpSellit’s automated chat agents are easily customized to intelligently respond to hundreds of common concerns and frequently asked questions. UpSellit created a custom agent script around 100 responses that would handle questions about Budweiser’s policies, products and brand.

After review and approval, the Abandonment Chat solution was set live to deploy on all site visitors abandoning from the checkout funnel of BudShop.com. With over 75% of interactive chatters coming back to complete the conversion and over 30% of those shoppers converting, SureSource noticed an immediate uptick in overall revenue. “By engaging our customers on abandonment instead of mid-session, UpSellit provides us with the unique ability to capture and convert visitors before they leave,” stated Dan Forno, Director of eCommerce for SureSource. “UpSellit’s conversions represent a true lift in sales and captured significant revenue that would have been lost to cart abandonment.”

For a complete copy of the Abandonment Chat case study, please write to info@upsellit.com or visit the Abandonment Chat page and complete the short form in the top right of the page.

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