5 Elements of a High Converting Landing Page

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Your conversion optimization strategy is built upon the assumption that your site’s landing pages are optimized. It’s a no-brainer: landing pages are an essential piece to your strategy’s puzzle. However, it’s easy for landing pages to operate as the brunt of saturated conversion goals.
Whether a click through landing page or lead generation landing page, the goal of a landing page is conversion. Macro and micro conversion goals aside, intent should be tailored to 1 goal per page. Your conversion goal should be digested in a glance!
Let’s go back to basics: in today’s post, we will go over 5 elements of a high converting landing page.

1. Relevance: Reiterate Reason Why Visitors Should Convert

With different ads implemented for different audiences, a landing page for each of those ads is warranted. Your landing page should reiterate whatever promo, or messaging, that your visitor clicked on initially. There shouldn’t live a disconnect between what they clicked and what they find once arriving on your site.

2. Singular Focus: Draw Eyes to Conversion

Your conversion goal should be digested as the focus of the page. Your visitor’s attention should be drawn to a singular element; the eye shouldn’t be pulled in more than one direction at once.

3. Intuitive Navigation: Motivate Clicks Towards Conversion

In accordance with singular focus, don’t drench landing pages with too many links. The eye should naturally move to the action that you want them to take. Visitor’s shouldn’t have to think twice about how to start their free trial – and they shouldn’t be distracted by reasons to not convert.

4. Clear Messaging: Highlight Perks of Converting

For your conversion goal to be digested upon first glance, clear messaging is essential. Clear messaging relies on a strong headline and a strong CTA. Microcopy and graphics should act as aids rather than interrupting components.

5. Social Proof: Make Conversion Comfortable

While social proof is a known tool for product pages, don’t hesitate to include social proof in your landing page. Whether it’s a display of personal testimonials, brands you work with or trust seals, boosting credibility is never a bad idea!
With these elements embedded in each landing page, your e-commerce shop is sitting pretty to increase conversions! Stay tuned for part 2 of landing page optimization – you’ll see highly effective landing pages in action.

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