eBook Released: 25 Tips & Tricks to Reduce Abandonment

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25-site-abandonment-tips-downloadToday, UpSellit is proud to announce the release of a new eBook, 25 Tips & Tricks to Reduce Abandonment. This eBook is the first complete look at abandonment from every stage of the conversion funnel. To find out why users are abandoning and how you can keep them engaged, download the 50-page ebook here.

UpSellit has worked with thousands of companies over hundreds of verticals to recover well over 1 billion dollars in otherwise revenue. 25 Tips & Tricks to Reduce Abandonment, is a collection of actionable tips that we’ve formulated in our near-decade of work analyzing, developing, and optimizing remarketing campaigns.

To give you an idea of what’s in the eBook, here’s an excerpt from the Reducing Checkout Abandonment section:

Reduce Checkout Abandonment: Optimizing Payment

Providing payment details is a sensitive matter, both experientially and technically.
Billing information involves a wide set of variables and the process gets clogged when just one number is off. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can help a consumer move through the process with few complications.


Newegg.com does it right by not requiring you to select the type of credit card and formatting entries automatically

Format Card Numbers. Credit card numbers follow a pattern. Use this to your advantage and auto-detect the brand of credit card and automatically format user input accordingly.

Automated Processes. Speed up your checkout process by auto-filling fields when possible. Sites like GeoNames offer free databases of locations tied to zip codes. Request the user’s ZIP first and fill out the home city and state automatically.

Match Date Formats. Don’t make users translate the double digit month on their credit card into the month name. Instead, list the number and the name, e.g. 01-Jan.

This is just a piece of one tip outlined in the eBook! For the other 24 and a wealth of other useful information, be sure to download the full version. For more on UpSellit’s work, technologies, and campaign philosophies, check out our website or give us a call.


Written by Bryan Gudmundson

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