Ramp Up Your Email Click Through Rates with 4 Persuasion Principles

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email marketing click through

  Email marketing is the constant in the fast-growing world of digital marketing. While social media platforms are increasingly influential, email marketing has remained the top ROI channel for over 10 years. Keep up with the trends of social media, but know that they fade in and out of popularity. Conversions boil down to lifetime brand loyalty, which is measured … Read More

The Best Time To Send An Email

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email send times

      The best time to send an email depends on your recipient. Do generalization about the time of day, or the day of the week affect how many recipients open emails? Absolutely. There are quite a few reports claiming that emails sent Monday-Friday have higher open rates. However, this largely applies to business-related content, whereas consumer content does … Read More

5 Sender Name Ideas to Increase Email Open Rates

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Email open rates are the most influential metric in email marketing. If you’re able to increase the percentage of consumers who view your email (without misleading them), your current conversion rate will automatically produce more conversions. Aside from email delivery, the sender name and subject line have the biggest impact on email open rates. Most email clients organize the inbox … Read More

5 Steps to the Perfect Email Preheader

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Email preheaders are often overlooked, but the right copy can significantly increase your open rate. Most email marketers focus solely on the subject line. It makes sense; it’s the most prominent message in the user’s inbox. If you’re just starting to optimize your email marketing open rates, I suggest you begin with the subject line, and check out our article … Read More

Crafting the Perfect Subject Line

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On average, people get around 90 emails: Every. Single. Day. With most of us suffering from chronic email-overload, it can be difficult to make your content stand out in an overflowing inbox. In this week’s article, we’ll be discussing the three primary components of an email subject line: Content, Characters, and Strategy. Using these strategies will enhance your customer experience … Read More

Promote Discovery with these Email Marketing Ideas from TripAdvisor

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  Fresh email marketing ideas are few and far between. Unless you really stop and think about what you’re reading, it’s easy to miss some of the fantastic emails that hit our inboxes daily. Today, we’re going to dissect some messages for inspiration from TripAdvisor, a prolific and creative email marketer. As the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor puts together … Read More

Reduce Cart Abandonment with Simple Visual Tweaks

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  Reducing cart abandonment is a tricky process in which seemingly simple tweaks result in significant performance changes. This means that, with some careful testing, implementing a seemingly small change to your established cart can have a big, positive impact on efficacy. Today, we’re going to talk about a few visual changes you can test on your own site to … Read More

Transactional Emails: Marketing Ideas that Boost Value

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email marketing

  Email marketing ideas are more often the result of evolution than revolution. Usually, the best ideas come from taking a new look at the same types of email messaging you’ve see time and time again. Today, we’re going to take a look at the typical transactional email and discuss a few campaign ideas that’ll transform these strictly utilitarian messages … Read More

Email Remarketing Along the Conversion Funnel

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Email Remarketing

     Email remarketing is arguably the single most powerful tool in an online marketer’s toolbox when it comes to reigniting abandoned leads. When done right, email remarketing is a very complex process, but broken down into its fundamental pieces, there are just three, basic steps: Acquiring contact information, Identifying user intent, Dispatching the appropriate message. With the proper planning … Read More