4 New Year’s Resolutions to Reduce Cart Abandonment

reduce cart abandonment

Reducing cart abandonment has always been a critical component of running an efficient, profitable online store. However, changes aren’t always quick and simple. As 2014 calendars close and 2015 draws near, now is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to making changes. Here are 4 resolutions you can use to reduce cart abandonment on your online store in the new … Read More

Fighting Checkout Abandonment by Eliminating Distractions

Checkout abandonment is a frustrating metric to calculate because it’s the loss of a conversion at the very last minute. Although checkout abandonment occurs at the lowest rate of all types of abandonment (56.3%), it can be argued that it’s the most costly for vendors. It’s a matter of fact that consumers who reach checkout have a greater intent to … Read More

Holiday Analysis: Checkout Lines Abandoned for Online Purchases

checkout abandonment

  Checkouts abandoned, carts converted, and sales records shattered. The Black Friday through Cyber Monday consumer marathon has come to a close and merchants can finally take a (short) breather to gather their wits. Although some early reports say that brick-and-mortar visits decreased compared to last year, ecommerce had a fantastic weekend and UpSellit broke its personal record for total … Read More