4 New Year’s Resolutions to Reduce Cart Abandonment

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reduce cart abandonment

Reducing cart abandonment has always been a critical component of running an efficient, profitable online store. However, changes aren’t always quick and simple. As 2014 calendars close and 2015 draws near, now is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to making changes. Here are 4 resolutions you can use to reduce cart abandonment on your online store in the new … Read More

Holiday Analysis: Checkout Lines Abandoned for Online Purchases

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checkout abandonment

  Checkouts abandoned, carts converted, and sales records shattered. The Black Friday through Cyber Monday consumer marathon has come to a close and merchants can finally take a (short) breather to gather their wits. Although some early reports say that brick-and-mortar visits decreased compared to last year, ecommerce had a fantastic weekend and UpSellit broke its personal record for total … Read More

Reduce Cart Abandonment This Cyber Monday

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cyber monday support

Reducing cart abandonment is more important than ever during the Holiday Weekend. Monday, December 1st is going to be another record-breaking day for ecommerce. It’s up to you to ensure that this Cyber Monday brings in record sales without any snags. Whether you’ve done all you can to reduce cart abandonment this season or you’re just starting preparations now, today’s … Read More

Fight Mobile Checkout Abandonment with the Perfect Process

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mobile checkout abandonment

  Checkout abandonment is a universal problem that plagues both desktop and mobile devices. Last week, we analyzed the most potent conversion killers among mobile ecommerce shoppers. Today, we’re going to take a slightly different (and slightly more positive approach) by putting together a hypothetical perfect checkout for mobile shoppers.     The Perfect Checkout is Fast In general, checkout … Read More

Reducing Cart Abandonment in the Mobile Market

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Mobile Cart Abandonment

    Reducing cart abandonment has remained a consistent challenge for online retailers the world over. Currently, the average shopping cart abandonment rate among desktop users is 70.1%. While this number is high enough to churn the stomachs of some online retailers, mobile abandonment rates average 98%. Now, let’s discuss the question you’re probably asking yourself right now: Why are … Read More

Simple Solutions to Checkout Abandonment

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checkout abandonment

  Checkout abandonment is a unique and often vexing phenomenon in ecommerce. Unlike other types of abandonment, checkout abandonment is seldom caused by window shopping or competing deals. Once a user has moved on from the shopping chart, there’s only one thing in the way of conversion: Checkout.     Unfortunately, one of the most damaging barriers to conversion is … Read More

Raising the Dead: Retrieving Abandoned Carts from the Crypt

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  Reduce cart abandonment this Halloween with surprisingly simple tricks and treats from UpSellit. Last year, nearly $2.8 billion dollars were spent on costumes and one third of those costume seekers turned to the web to secure their getup. Halloween is the fourth-most profitable holiday for online merchants, making this time of year as valuable as it is terrifying.   … Read More

Reducing Checkout Abandonment while Navigating EU Ecommerce Regulations

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Checkout abandonment is a serious concern for most online retailers. Endless hours are poured into optimizing a site’s checkout process in order to deliver a streamlined flow with the highest possible conversion rate. However, when you start selling to countries across the globe, international regulations become a consideration and make the whole experience a little more complicated. Beyond optimizing design … Read More

Quick & Easy Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment This Cyber Monday

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reduce cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment costs online merchants millions of dollars every day. However, one (slightly extended) weekend accounts for both the most online sales and the most abandoned carts. From November 28th through December 2nd of last year, also known as Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, $5.293 billion of merchandise was taken through online shopping carts and purchased, shattering 2012’s record by … Read More