Success by Design II: Website Abandonment & Landing Pages

In an era of instantaneous data, there’s little patience for wasted time. As people browse the Internet, they usually have a specific goal in mind and whatever isn’t directly relevant to their search is considered an obstacle. Across all websites, the global bounce rate is nearly 40%. This means that the first action of over a third of all users … Read More

Checkout Abandonment: Building Trust

From an early age, we’re all taught to be on the lookout for people trying to take advantage of us.  Fairy tales teach kids to beware of wolves in sheeps’ clothing while movies remind adults to be careful of who they trust. It’s only natural that we look at sales propositions through the lens of suspicion, especially since the rise … Read More

Success by Design I: Combat Website Abandonment with Browsing Tools

The Internet has become an intrinsic piece of daily life for most Americans. People from every walk of life jump from site to site, interfacing with pages of every ilk.  Though design tastes vary from user to user, one element of site construction is universally important, especially on e-commerce websites.  Usability should be the focus of every website’s design, putting … Read More

Mobile Website Abandonment

In Touch with Tablet Commerce Generally regarded as the most important sense, touch is an essential component to living. From interpersonal relationships to skilled crafts, our sense of touch guides us. Appealing to this universal experience, consumer electronics companies began offering touchscreen devices, which have eventually evolved into the modern tablet.  As an increasing number of people adopt this tactile … Read More

Email ReMarketing: The Subject Matters

In this week’s blog, we’re going to expand on another topic touched upon in our email remarketing guide: the subject line.  To many, this snippet of text is nothing more than a preview of what’s in the email you’re about to open (or ignore).  To others, however, the subject line is an art, rife with its own set of nuances … Read More